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Mobile GPS Receivers

CB-GPSK GPS for Beartracker 885 and SDS200

  • GPS Reciever for the BearTracker 885 and SDS200

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Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver

  • Uniden BC-GPSK GPS Reciever for BCT15X, BCD325P2, BCD996P2, HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, BC346XT, BCD396T, BCD996T, BCT15 and BC346XTC

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  • Provides GPS location data for Uniden Scanners and CB Radios, including BCD436HP, BCD536HP, HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, SDS100, SDS200, BCD996T / BCD996XT / BCD996P2, BCT15 / BCT15X, BC346XT, BCD325P2, BCD396T / BCD396XT, and Bear Tracker 885 CB Radio.

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